Granulates from WEBER. From powder to granulate

The new IF-Screw ® technology allows optimum product quality for compounding shear sensitive materials with fillers and reinforcing agents with maximum homogenising and deflocculating capacity of the screws. Even materials with difficult plasticising properties can be processed into high quality granulates.
Take a new approach with granulating extruders from WEBER – almost real compounders.
And all this in proven WEBER quality and with many years of spare parts availability!


Force feed units DW 2 and DW 4

When things are not quite running as planned. For materials with poor flowability, the force feed unit ensure reliable filling of the extrusion screws. The WEBER force feed unit also achieves high outputs for materials with low apparent density. Suitable for several extruder sizes.

Capacity table for force feed units

TypeForce feed unit screw Ø [mm]max. output PVC-P [kg/h]recommended for extruder sizes
DW 21101000DS 9, DS 11, DS 12
DW 41301500DS 13, DS 14, DS 15

Granulator head KG 7

For producing PVC granulate with hot face processing using rotating blades. Sliding cutting motion of the blades and even melt flow ensure a clean cut with even granulate shape.

Capacity table for head granulator

Typemax. throughput [kg/h]Material
KG 7approx. 1500PVC-U, PVC-P