WPC: the perfect combination of plastic and nature

As a wood plastic composite, WPC is ideal for decking planks, for example. It combines the advantages of plastic with those of wood as a renewable resource. WPC is easier to shape than classic solid wood planks, for instance, while being more ecological than purely artificial products.


With WEBER WPC technology into the Guinness Book of Records

Over the years, WEBER has developed different processes to meet the specific requirements of its customers with regard to the processing of WPC materials. Thanks to the flexible FE Series, it is possible to individually address material specific and product specific characteristics. Whether the WPC is based on wood, coconut fibre, hemp or rice – the quality is constantly high and always meets the highest requirements.


  • The world’s longest pencil measures 459.97 m and was manufactured by the German company STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG in Nuremberg on 5 August 2015.