DS 32 D:
the PVC pipe extruder with IF Screw® technology

Do you want to further improve what is already good?

You can make your pipe production even more economically efficient with proven, efficient WEBER drive technology and a new, revolutionary screw geometry. The latest generation of extrusion screws feature good plasticisation, homogenisation and deflocculation – even for plastics with difficult processing characteristics.

And all this with the reliability that you know from WEBER extruders.

Parallel twin screw extruders High Performance DS 32 D Series

Typmax. output PVC profile [kg/h]*
DS 7.32 550
DS 9.32 900
DS 12.32 1.400
DS 14.32 2.000


  • Durable, compact and robust WEBER gear technology, made in Kronach
  • Improved  product qualities, also for recycled PVC and high content PVC
  • Maximum output range
  • Processing of cold mixtures