The Classic Line:

proven machine sizes guarantee compatibility

Do you want homogeneous machinery?

The standardised machine concept of the Classic Line from WEBER offers the same extruder types over decades. There are many reasons to continue what has proven successful: reduced stockkeeping, retaining mould systems and compatible processing technology in combination with modern control and drive technology, to mention only a few.

All this made in Germany with decades of reliable supply.


The Classic Line

Extrudermax. output PVC pipe [kg/h]*
DS 72.22240
DS 9.25450
DS 11.27850
DS 12.281000
DS 13.271100
DS 15.221800


Typmax. output PVC pipe [kg/h]*
CE 5.2 100
CE 7.2 250
CE 8.2 300
DS 72.22 240
DS 9.25 450
DS 11.27 850
DS 12.28 1000
DS 13.27 1100
DS 15.22 1800


  • Option of replacing existing extruders
  • WEBER quality, made in Germany
  • Attractive purchase price
  • Continuity