Pipe heads:

extruding single layer and multi layer PVC and PO pipes

Do you want to stop worrying about pipe heads?

Thanks to WEBER innovations, pipe manufacturers have always been able to benefit from relevant material savings. The key characteristics of our pipe heads are small wall thickness tolerances, easy handling and a high level of production reliability. Centring tools, internal pipe cooling and well balanced pipe heads make your pipe production even more productive.

And all this in proven WEBER quality and with many years of spare parts availability!

Pipe heads: extruding single layer and multi layer PVC and PO pipes

PVC pipe heads

Do you have a new product idea?

Maybe it can be implemented with the new FBL3 PVC multi layer pipe head. Due to optimised flow geometry, this head can be used universally and for a variety of different materials. Whether high content PVC, recycled material or expanded PVC – good layer distribution and a high level of process reliability are ensured. The new FBL3 allows output capacities over 1000 kg/h and pipe diameters up to 250 mm.

And all this in best possible WEBER quality, made in Germany.

PO pipe heads

The WEBER PK pipe head series covers a diameter range from 10 to 1000 mm. Thermal insulation minimises energy consumption. The internal pipe head cooling reduces the sagging effect for pipes with thick walls. The option of integrating the RLK pipe air cooling reduces the required cooling path length. These pipe heads feature a high throughput, quick size changes and flow channels with optimised rheology.