Extruding corrugated pipes and double wall corrugated pipes made of PVC and PO

Does every gramme of weight saving count for you?

To maintain the tightest wall thickness tolerances, WEBER offers the optimum extruder sizes in addition to the corrugator. Space saving, individual solutions with screw removal to the rear offer the highest level of operating comfort, reducing setup times. WEBER offers machine combinations up to 1700 kg/h total output for PO.

And all this in proven WEBER quality and with many years of spare parts availability!

Recommended extruder combination for PO double wall corrugated pipe production lines



  • Robust, durable WEBER drive technology
  • Powerful WEBER gear technology, made in Kronach
  • Good melt quality and stable output thanks to fully developed processing technology
  • Linear output characteristic even with high mould back pressure
  • Standardised interfaces to the corrugator for easy operation
  • Easy handling during the startup process


Extruder for the corrugated outer layerExtruder for the smooth inner layermax. output PE-HD [kg/h]
High Performance NE 6.40High Performance NE 5.40850
High Performance NE 7.40High Performance NE 6.401.450
High Performance NE 9.40High Performance NE 6.401.700