Extrusion of PEXa pipes

Do you like taking risks?

If not, then WEBER extruders are the right choice for you, because they offer a high level of process reliability. The newly developed IF-Screw® allows reliable extrusion of PEXa pipes with an even higher output. This is ensured through our longstanding experience and the cooperation with our partner for complete lines. WEBER offers suitable extruders and pipe heads for an output range from 30 to 350 kg/h.

And all this with the reliability that you know from WEBER extruders.


PEXa-Extruder PEX Extrusion Twin Screw Series

ExtruderPipe headOutput range [kg/h]Dimensions range Ø [mm]
CE 7 PEXPKX 130 – 10010 – 20
DS 7 PEXPKX 160 – 12016 – 32
DS 9 PEXPKX 2120 – 23032 – 63


  • High output capacities
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Good melting homogeneity at low compound temperatures
  • Suitable for processing HDPE powder and granulate