WEBER co-extruders.

The customised solution for any co-extrusion application thanks to piggyback installation

Limited space and a high level of flexibility are the reasons for investing in a WEBER co-extruder with co-extrusion technology.
Co-extrusion means that the main extruder takes the co-extruder “piggyback” – a special space saving and practical arrangement.

The conical twin screw extruders from the CE Z-series are primarily used for processing PVC-U. This extruder series is used for manufacturing co-extruded window profiles.

And all this made in Germany with decades of reliable supply.



FleXXtrusion® Profile Series

Typmax. output PVC profile [kg/h]*
CE 3 Z25
CE 3.2 Z30
CE 5 Z70
CE 5.2 Z80
CE 7 Z170
CE 7.2 Z190
CE 8 Z250
CE 8.2 Z270



  • Compact, space saving design, individual solution possible
  • High level of flexibility for processing different materials (ground material, granulate, dryblend)
  • High pressure stability thanks to WEBER gearing manufactured in-house
  • Highly flexible output range