Why long term service and why from WEBER? Almost 100 years of company history speak for continuity and experience, from which we derive our principle for the use of resources, i.e. sustainability, which we follow every day. To achieve this in practice, we require a service which always has an eye on all resources involved – the raw materials, the machines and the people.

That is why, from our point of view, a decision for a new extruder is much more than just an investment into a machine, whether for an owner-run company or for a group of companies. Owners or managing directors need a professional partner at their side who supports them along the long path of optimum use of a machine. Production managers often want a comprehensive carefree package to ensure smooth operations. Product and process developers, process engineers, maintenance personnel or purchasers also require different services to turn the purchase of an extruder into the basis for a successful business deal. WEBER has analysed all these special requirements for different customer groups and included them in the WEBER service cycle. This is where customers find customised services, from project planning and the start phase to operation and product optimisation.

They are all based on one very special aspect which distinguishes WEBER: personal service. It is characterised by permanent contacts (experts) in all areas and a technical service team which can provide reliable help with questions.

All this makes WEBER into the company which is held in great esteem by customers all over the world – a 360 degree service provider for whom service is more than just a buzzword, but rather part of the active company philosophy: quality – performance – sustainability – service.

    Advantages across all project phases

  • Sustainable economic efficiency for procurement and production
  • Maximum production reliability
  • Full service during the project planning, start-up and operating phases
  • Training courses for long term quality assurance
  • Long term cost reduction through energy optimisation
  • High level of machine availability
  • Short term spare part supply


WPS: more than just a simple machine controller

A complete research department at WEBER works exclusively on the further development of the operating element. Because the more complex the extruders, the more important a simple controller becomes. It is the basic prerequisite for an efficient production process.

WPS is the designation of the controller which will be used for all new WEBER extruder models in future. Thanks to its integrated service function it is easier, more intuitive and smarter than anything else before.

Do you know what’s going on?

The WEBER-WPS offers extensive options for controlling your WEBER extruder and systems with a clear, intuitive operating philosophy.


  • Maximum user support and far reaching process and efficiency analysis through WPS
  • Intuitive operating philosophy
  • Operating terminal also depends on hardware and software
  • Integration service tool: first steps for self help
  • Integration of checklists: intelligent support for setup and start processes
  • Energy monitoring according to ISO 50001
  • Networking options following I4.0 (customised)
    Coupling BDE
    Remote service
    RFID identification user and process
    Line networking

Service tool

  • First steps to self help
  • Representation through images, videos and text
  • Derived from decades of experience in service
  • Networked with operating manual and circuit diagrams

Line networking and optimisation

  • Energy monitoring
  • Preset of water temperature for the cooling tank
  • Preliminary calculation and optimisation of the line configuration (energy, tensions in the pipe)
  • Coupling via Euromap, OPC UA

BDE coupling and intelligent checklists

  • Machine recognises operator and process
  • Process data are synchronised with BDE
  • Operator receives situational messages for setup and starting the process (checklists)
  • Customer can expand and adapt the checklists as desired

Intuitive operation

  • Clear representation of the basic functions
  • Situational display of details
  • Machine status can be seen even from a distance of 3 m

WPS – the intelligent interface

    Operating station

  • 21.5" Full-HD TFT touchscreen
  • 16 illuminated buttons
  • Wheel for drive adjustment and i-Touch feeling
  • Integrated emergency stop button

    Automation PC 910

  • Multicore technology for maximum performance
  • SQL server for data storage
  • WEB interface for WEBER service tool
  • Ethernet for Internet/intranet connection
  • Operating terminal independent of hardware, based on Microsoft.Net Framework
  • Communication with PLC via OPC UA
  • Remote service incl. VPN tunnel

    X20 PLC controller

  • Modules for flexible connection
  • Independent PLC for machine control
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Analogue inputs and outputs U/I
  • Thermocouple inputs
  • Material pressure interface
  • Other CAN-Bus interfaces, e.g. for gravimetry/Euromap27/Anybus Converter

Hard core:

our processing units

Minimum wear costs through optimum wear protection. 

You are successful because you keep pushing the limits of what is possible. We accompany you with increased processing parameters for higher output, hard fillers and reinforcing agents for low raw material costs and better product properties as well as natural fibres and recycling material for environmental protection.

The requirements for wear protection are increasing. One more reason to choose WEBER quality.


    You have the choice

  • Standard: our standard solutions feature low purchasing costs and reliable wear protection.
  • Wear protection: our models with wear protection offer the highest level of protection for maximum application reliability.
  • Individual: on request, we supply individual solutions for your application, allowing you to benefit from the best possible wear behaviour and purchasing costs.

First rate wear protection for first rate extruders

    Single screw extruder ES/NE

  • Standard: ES/NE screw with long term nitration. NE screw from size NE6 additionally with partial armouring. Cylinder with long term nitration. Grooved bushes in bimetallic version (powder metallurgical steel with high carbide content).
  • Wear protection: screws armoured and with tungsten carbide coating. Bimetallic cylinder with nickel based wear protection layer with high carbide content (tungsten carbide). 

    Parallel twin screw extruder DS 

  • Standard: screw with long term nitration made of modified nitrided steel. From size DS11 with additional profile armouring with high carbide content (chromium + vanadium carbide). Cylinder with long term nitration made of modified nitrided steel. 
  • Wear protection: screw with profile armouring. Bimetallic cylinder with nickel based wear protection layer with high carbide content (tungsten carbide). Coating of flanks and screw core (e.g. tungsten carbide, multi layer chromium, CrN, etc.) on request.

    Conical twin screw extruder CE

  • Standard: screw with long term nitration made of modified nitrided steel. Cylinder with long term nitration made of modified nitrided steel.
  • Wear protection: screw with full surface profile armouring (chromium + vanadium carbide). Bimetallic cylinder with nickel based wear protection layer with high carbide content (tungsten carbide). Coating of flanks and screw core (e.g. tungsten carbide, multi layer chromium, CrN, etc.) on request.

Perfect couples:

for the combination of different wear protection solutions, we attach  great importance to a “smooth” relationship.

High tech – made in Kronach

The latest system technology for unique quality

We have used our decades of experience with the tried and tested PTA armouring process to now set new standards with regard to process reliability and quality using state-of-the-art laser technology as well as optical and thermo-sensitive control technology.

Controlled heat input and targeted temperature guiding in the core and on the surface are the key to optimum layer quality. Perfect linking, low melting.


    Application example 2

  • Our hot-blooded perfect couple – window profile hot climates dryblend
    Screws: vanadium carbide profile armouring
    Cylinders: bimetallic cylinder with TC inserts

    Application example 3

  • Our resistant perfect couple – fluoropolymer processing
    Screws: highly resistant nickel chromium molybdenum alloy
    Cylinders: bimetallic cylinder with TC inserts

    Anwendungsbeispiel 3

  • Das Traumpaar für Fluorpolymere
    Schnecken: durchgehärteter Stahl
    Zylinder: Bimetallzylinder mit WC-Einsätzen


Forever Young

Do you want to live forever?

We give your processing units a new lease on life.

Use our varied options for regeneration of screws and cylinders.

  • Post-nitrating
  • Hardfacing
  • Replacing inserts
  • Replacing segments

The processing of WPC materials very often leads to corrosive and abrasive wear patterns due to the material components. The use of bimetallic cylinders with TC wear protection layer and armouring of the screw profiles with a material containing vanadium carbide increases the service life of the processing unit many times over. It is the WEBER standard for WPC extruders today. TC and Cr coatings are used successfully particularly for increased corrosive action on flanks and screw root.


In the manufacturing of window profiles, the formulations are mainly divided into those for the Central European area and those for hot climates. These formulations have a substantially increased titanium dioxide content which leads to an increased wear rate. The use of processing units with wear protection has proven successful in these applications. Bimetallic cylinders with TC wear protection layer and screws with VC profile armouring are normally used for this.


The processing unit is under particular stress when fluoropolymers are used. The single screw extruders used are therefore equipped with a fully hardened screw and a special bimetallic cylinder.


Auxiliary equipment

WPC dosing station


Material feed device for processing loose natural fibres, consisting of:


  • Hopper for attaching up to six screw dosing units
  • Integrated agitator RWF
  • Integrated force feed unit DWF

Belt dosing units DO 3, DO 4 and DO 4.1


  • Available in three sizes
  • Suitable for special tasks
  • Continuous material feed
  • Continuously adjustable drive
  • Easy to mount on base plate of slide funnel
  • For all extruders from the DS and CE series

Capacity table for belt dosing units


TypeFeed capacity [kg/h]
DO 30 – 80
DO 450 – 650
DO 4.1150 – 1100