WPS: more than just a simple machine controller

A complete research department at WEBER works exclusively on the further development of the operating element. Because the more complex the extruders, the more important a simple controller becomes. It is the basic prerequisite for an efficient production process.

WPS is the designation of the controller which will be used for all new WEBER extruder models in future. Thanks to its integrated service function it is easier, more intuitive and smarter than anything else before.

Do you know what’s going on?

The WEBER-WPS offers extensive options for controlling your WEBER extruder and systems with a clear, intuitive operating philosophy.


  • Maximum user support and far reaching process and efficiency analysis through WPS
  • Intuitive operating philosophy
  • Operating terminal also depends on hardware and software
  • Integration service tool: first steps for self help
  • Integration of checklists: intelligent support for setup and start processes
  • Energy monitoring according to ISO 50001
  • Networking options following I4.0 (customised)
    Coupling BDE
    Remote service
    RFID identification user and process
    Line networking

Service tool

  • First steps to self help
  • Representation through images, videos and text
  • Derived from decades of experience in service
  • Networked with operating manual and circuit diagrams

Line networking and optimisation

  • Energy monitoring
  • Preset of water temperature for the cooling tank
  • Preliminary calculation and optimisation of the line configuration (energy, tensions in the pipe)
  • Coupling via Euromap, OPC UA

BDE coupling and intelligent checklists

  • Machine recognises operator and process
  • Process data are synchronised with BDE
  • Operator receives situational messages for setup and starting the process (checklists)
  • Customer can expand and adapt the checklists as desired

Intuitive operation

  • Clear representation of the basic functions
  • Situational display of details
  • Machine status can be seen even from a distance of 3 m

WPS – the intelligent interface

    Operating station

  • 21.5" Full-HD TFT touchscreen
  • 16 illuminated buttons
  • Wheel for drive adjustment and i-Touch feeling
  • Integrated emergency stop button

    Automation PC 910

  • Multicore technology for maximum performance
  • SQL server for data storage
  • WEB interface for WEBER service tool
  • Ethernet for Internet/intranet connection
  • Operating terminal independent of hardware, based on Microsoft.Net Framework
  • Communication with PLC via OPC UA
  • Remote service incl. VPN tunnel

    X20 PLC controller

  • Modules for flexible connection
  • Independent PLC for machine control
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Analogue inputs and outputs U/I
  • Thermocouple inputs
  • Material pressure interface
  • Other CAN-Bus interfaces, e.g. for gravimetry/Euromap27/Anybus Converter