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Quality made in Germany

What can customers expect from a German machine manufacturer?
Quality, of course. And reliability. But “made in Germany” means a lot more to WEBER. For the company from Kronach in Bavaria, this label is a promise to its customers. Each WEBER extruder is developed and manufactured in Germany. After delivery, the WEBER service ensures smooth start-up and permanently efficient production.

The regional, family-oriented structure has a great influence on the identity of WEBER.
At the same time, it is regarded as a quality guarantee for customers from around the world: WEBER relies exclusively on its in-house specialists for the development of new technologies.
They have access to the in-house technical centre where innovations are tested, developed further and finally prepared ready for market launch.

Cutomer focus

Customer focus Customers play a central role in this.
Close partnerships ensure that your requests and requirements are at the centre of each new development.
As a result, customers from various industries are supplied with extruders which meet the highest requirementsquality, performance and efficiency.

The company’s tradition and power of innovation have made WEBER one of the leading suppliers of extruders.
This name stands for German engineering quality all over the world and has long since become a symbol for the quality label “made in Germany”.